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Premium Pastured Lamb

Cranston’s Ontario Inc. creates a connection between your family and our locally sourced farmers to provide you with a selection of premium quality and hand cut meats. Our award winning farmers pride themselves in their pasture raised free-range lamb exclusive of any unnatural hormones and antibiotics. Raised with care and kindness without medications, animal by-products, feed additives for growth promotion, ours is the most flavourful and tender lamb you can serve to your family.

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Where does Cranston’s Lamb come from?

Raised on an open range pastures in Ontario, our lamb has the ability to be outdoors where they graze on legumes, grains, alfalfa and other grasses natural to their diet. Our farmers keep the animals satisfaction in mind by providing ample room for running and grazing as well as by creating a stress-free environment. Handling systems are designed to minimize undue stress, injury, or suffering without impeding their natural flock movement. Ontario’s fresh air and green farmlands make it an excellent province to raise premium quality lamb.

Why choose, all-natural, 100% grass-fed lamb from Cranston’s?

Lamb is a great source of protein, essential vitamins and minerals. Their natural diet benefits your family by producing a meat with the correct ratio of all 8 essential amino acids. By raising our lamb in an all-natural setting your family is getting lean, mild but distinctive flavour without any traces of hormones, antibiotics, or harmful chemicals and additives.

The Old Fashioned Way

Cranston’s Ontario Inc. provides your family with authentic and genuine raised lamb, like our grandparents used to eat. Our farmers use traditional, time honoured methods by keeping production simple and natural. Other lamb processors use growth hormones to artificially increase the weight of the lamb; however, Cranston’s and our farmers do not use hormones to increase the weight of the meat. We stand by our natural and humanely raised and processed lamb to bring the healthiest, tastiest product to your family.