Thank you for your interest in Cranston’s Free Range Farms and the products & services being offered.

We represent a number of traditional Ontario Family Farms who all focus on sustainable farming practices. That means free range, anti-biotic free, hormone and steroid free, non GMO- based feed and following a strict protocol of humane/organic farm and slaughter practices, all verified Federally by Pro-Cert. (Organics Certification process)
Cranston’s Free Range is the marketing and delivery arm for the Ontario farmers that we represent. Our farmers in turn, are able to focus all of their efforts on their farms and processes.
Our clients are able to order a customized assortment of individually packaged, vacuum sealed, and blast frozen products, that are date coded with both a “Packaged On” and “Expires On” label. Included in our product suite is Free Range Organic Chicken, Free Run Pork, Pasture Raised Grass-Fed Angus Beef, Free Range Turkey, Lamb and Bison.
Our clients purchase a plan which contains a variety of selections chosen from our menu format, specific to their own preferences. We then divide the plan into quarterly deliveries, with no automatic delivery as it is based on the clients “readiness”. If clients are not ready for their next delivery, they can easily delay the pending delivery as long as they require. This provides both flexibility in ordering and delivery timing.
Please let us know if you would like more information, and would like to arrange a time to meet with a food counselor.

What is factory farming and why it is harmful?

Factory farming is an intensive, industrial farming practice that has replaced traditional style farming. Animals are mass produced using hormones and antibiotics, treated inhumanely, and slaughtered cruelly. Regulations in these facilities are voluntary and underdeveloped due to the lack of enforcement by Canada’s animal welfare standards. These farming practices are shortcuts to a more cost efficient product; however, they come with a terrible cost for both the animals and the consumers. Animals are confined indoors where they are severely crowded or entirely isolated. This unnatural setting leaves the animal with insufficient room to turn around, lie down, groom, or express natural behaviors. These unsatisfactory conditions cause physical and psychological damage to the animals, leading to diseases, ailments, cannibalism, and debilitating stress. Factory farmers treat these preventable health issues by feeding and spraying massive amounts of pesticides and antibiotics into the animals, which remain in the meat and passed on to the people that eat them. In an article written by Aidan Hollis, a Professor at the University of Calgary, it states that, “the overabundance of antibiotics being used by the agriculture and aquaculture industries is increasingly putting the health of humans at risk”.
Hollis continues to explain that, “the widespread use of antibiotics is helping bacteria become resistant to the most effective defense humans have– antibiotics”. Furthermore, toxics ingredients are added to the animals feed, which ends up in the meat that consumers eat. Mike Adams of Natural News writes in his article that the FDA has now finally admitted that arsenic is added to chicken fed in unregulated factory farms. Adams states that, “consumers who eat conventional chicken have been swallowing arsenic, a known cancer-causing chemical”. The aim for these operations is to produce large quantities at the lowest cost possible. Unfortunately, factory farms leave a massive footprint, impacting human health, communities, and the environment.
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How is Cranston’s supporting the movement towards traditional family farming?

Cranston’s Ontario Inc has sought out local Ontario traditional family farms that focus on the overall health and well being of their animals. Traditional family farms are small scale, sustainable, multi generational farming practices that are federally and provincially regulated. These farmers maintain an excellent quality of life for their animals by upholding and going beyond the basic Five Freedoms of animal welfare. These include: freedom from hunger and thirst, freedom from discomfort, freedom from pain, freedom to express normal behavior, and freedom from fear and distress.
From conception to our plates, Cranston’s animals are never introduced to any amounts of artificial growth hormones or antibiotics. Our animals grow naturally, and are given the appropriate amount of time to do so. This information is important to consider when choosing your meat as they say, ‘you are what you eat’. With overwhelming and busy lifestyles, consumers find it inconvenient and difficult to find local farmers who pride themselves in their all-natural and organic animals. Let Cranston’s Ontario do the work for you, bringing the delicious and healthy meat straight from the family farm to your family table. At Cranston’s, we make it simple and convenient for you to connect with local, all-natural, and organic farmers.
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Why eat organic and all-natural?

Buying and consuming all-natural and organic meat products is beneficial for both your health as well as the planetary well-being. Free from harmful chemicals, exploding with more sustainable nutrition and taste, it is one step closer to a positive movement towards immediate health and hope for the future generations. Cranston’s farms go above and beyond regulations by having a Pro-Cert stamp on each of their organic products, guaranteeing a product without any traces of harmful chemicals or pesticides. The plant based food provided for our animals are responsibly managed and naturally nourished making Cranston’s organic and all-natural meat products naturally loaded with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and micro nutrients. Try it for yourself! Organic and all-natural foods generally taste more succulent and rich due to their food source, activity level and overall health. Organic and all natural meats are prohibited to be genetically modified in any way throughout their growth and processing. Choosing to eat organic and all-natural products is the only way to guarantee that your food is without GMOs as other products that have been genetically modified are not required to be labeled. Organic and all-natural meats are provided to you by Cranston’s organic and all-natural farmers who support eco-sustenance and farm in harmony with nature. Chemical abstinence, pasture and field rotation, and allowing other natural wildlife to play their role in the ecology allows Cranston’s to provide your family with healthy, all-natural, and organic meat products without interference or compromise to the environment. Join the Good Food Movement towards better food for your family from ours.
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