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Premium Free Range Poultry

Cranston’s Ontario Inc. creates a connection between your family and our locally sourced farmers to provide you with a selection of premium quality and hand cut meats. Our award winning farmers pride themselves in their certified organic (Pro-Cert), free-range, naturally raised chicken exclusive of any unnatural hormones and antibiotics. Raised with care and kindness, ours is the most flavourful and tender chicken you can serve to your family.

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How Are Cranston’s Premium Poultry Raised?

Cranston’s Ontario Inc connects you with our local farms to bring you premium, pro-cert organic certified poultry from the farm to your home. Our organically raised chicken tastes the way chicken was meant to taste – delectable and delicious. We do this by raising our chicken in a clean, modern building to maintain a perfect growing environment and a high quality lifestyle. Our cage free environment allows plenty of space for our chickens to roam. They are provided with clean well water exclusive of chlorine or fluorides, fresh air to breath and access to natural sunlight. Raising our chickens in a cage free environment enhances their ability to act authentically, increases their over health and lowers their stress levels. Our facilities are free from antibiotics, drugs, and artificial growth hormones which lower antibiotic-resistant bacteria and eliminate your intake of any antibiotic residues. Cranston’s works with our farmers to ensure healthy, naturally raised poultry for your family.

Cranston’s Claim to Pro-Cert Certified Organic and Antibiotic Free Chicken?

At Cranston’s Ontario Inc. we pride ourselves in providing you with Pro-Cert certified organic poultry. We work with our farmers to ensure three important principles: health, ecology, and care. Our commitment to these principles begins with our cage free authentic living environment where our chickens are provided with the space appropriate to their behavioural requirements, promoting good health and disease prevention. Our farmers allow the chickens to be chickens, always keeping their wings and beaks intact. In addition, our farmers provide soft, dust-free wood shavings for the chickens bedding material to authenticate their natural living environment. Our farmers provide Cranston’s chicken exclusively with the best and natural non-GMO organic feed. This fully assures you of our chickens quality, nutritional value, non-GMO status, and freedom from pesticide residues. Our poultry is high in protein, low in fat, and rich in flavour.







The Old Fashioned Way

Cranston’s Ontario Inc. provides your family with authentically raised poultry, like our grandparents used to eat. Our farmers use traditional, time honoured methods by keeping production simple and natural. Other poultry processors inject saltwater into the meat to artificially increase their weight. Cranston’s and our farmers never add or inject anything into your meat. We believe and stand by our natural raised and processed poultry to bring the healthiest, tastiest product to your family. In addition, we guarantee that our cleaning agents are Pro-Cert organic certified by excluding any chlorine or other toxic and harmful chemical disinfectants.