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Locally Raised, Free Range, Crate-Free Pork

Cranston’s Ontario Inc. creates a connection between your family and our locally sourced farmers to provide you with a selection of premium quality and hand cut meats. Our award winning farmers pride themselves in their pasture raised, free-range, crate free pigs, exclusive of any unnatural hormones and antibiotics. Raised with care and kindness then processed without preservatives, nitrates, or gases, ours is the most flavourful and tender pork you can serve to your family.

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How are Cranston’s pigs raised?

Cranston’s locally raised, free-range, crate-free pigs are raised on small scale, traditional family farms. Our farmers pride themselves in raising and producing a naturally grown and healthy pork product by eliminating any use of steroids, growth hormones, or sub-therapeutic antibiotic treatments.  Our farmers use completely organic methods which creates a sustainable and environmentally friendly farming system. As a pasture raised animal, it provides your family with a lean, tender, and succulent pork product.

How do Cranston’s farmers keep it all-natural?

Naturally raised, pasture run pigs have the opportunity to be outdoors and rummage for their own food. Our farmers provide the pigs with a natural omnivorous diet to imitate that of a wild boar.  Their diet consists of roots, fleshy fruits, plant greens, nuts, earthworms and mushrooms.  Due to this diet, pasture raised pigs contain a higher amount of omega-3 fatty acids which assists in the balance of omega-6 and lowers inflammation of fat on the animal.

How are Cranston’s pig farms humane?

Our farms allow these socially instinctive animals to live in groups, root in dirt, and construct their own nests for birthing. Our farmers go above and beyond the acceptable standard treatments of their animals to ensure a happy and healthy animal by eliminating stress. It is important to consider the way an animal lives when considering where to buy your pork from.

The Old Fashioned Way

Cranston’s Ontario Inc. supplies your family with authentic and crate-free raised pork, like our grandparents used to eat. Our farmers use traditional, time honoured methods by raising the pork in a natural, crate-free way, which makes the meat lean and healthy. In addition to the use of growth hormones, other pork processors pump water into the meat to artificially increase their weight. Cranston’s and our farmers never add or pump anything into your pork. In addition, we guarantee that our cleaning agents are absent from any chlorine or other toxic and harmful chemical disinfectants. We believe and stand by our natural raised and processed pork to bring the healthiest, tastiest product to your family.