Ontario Family Farms

4th Generation Farmers
Tradition & Quality

Healthier farming...
Healthier families...

Free Range Poultry

Organic Antibiotic-Free, Hormone-Free
Ample space to roam with access to fresh water & quality feed.

Committed to Traditional Family Values

Simple goodness! Enjoyable and nutritious food.

Simple.  Convenient.  Affordable.

Who We Are

Cranston’s Ontario Inc. is a customer
centric local company, “Family owned”
and “Family oriented”. We believe in
traditional healthy lifestyles and
recognize the importance of healthy,
enjoyable and nutritious food choices.
We uphold traditional values such as
trust, integrity and reliability and strive
to build and maintain solid customer
relationships based on these virtues.
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What We Do

At Cranston’s we believe that “Healthier
farming contributes to Healthier
families”. We take pride in our
commitment to support Local Ontario
Farms as well as promoting the
importance of healthy food choices in
today’s world. Our Farms uphold
traditional, wholesome and humane
farming practices.
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Why Us

With over 40 years combined career
experience in both Food Science and
Nutritional Counseling, we believe
healthier farming practices contribute
to optimal health. Our mission is to
provide our customers the best
possible opportunity to obtain
wholesome premium foods directly
from Local Ontario Family Farms.
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